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March 17, 2022

3 Must Try Restaurants Near The Whit and Wooster Square

Hungry? Look no further than Wooster Square, where The Whit is surrounded by unique and exciting dining options for quick bites and date nights alike. Here are three of our favorite foodie spots near Wooster Square.

Bomb Wings & Rice Bar

As the name suggests, these wings are the bomb.  Serving wing combos and dishes like Peruvian Rice, Bobcat Rice and sweet plantains, it’s easy to see why Bomb Wings has become a favorite go-to for New Haveners.

Additionally, reviewers have highly suggested that the sweet potato cornbread is a can’t miss side dish here.

September in Bangkok

One of the best and most authentic thai food restaurants in New Haven is none other than September in Bangkok. 

Offering classics like shrimp and pork steamed shumai, matched with dishes like Lychee Duck, Pineapple Fried Rice Salmon and Fried Trout Basil Mango Sauce,  there are a lot of incredible flavors to explore each time you stop in.

Oh K-Dogs

You’ve likely tried the American Corn Dog, essentially a battered hotdog, but have you ever had a Korean Corn Dog? Many might prefer the crunchy coating that is very different than the American version.

At Oh K-Dogs, this food spot serves up corn dogs that are usually half hotdog and half cheese with other fun stuff included, like potatoes, sweet potatoes and even squid ink.

Want to impress a food friend? Take them to Oh K-Dogs.

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