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January 02, 2024

Break A Sweat in 2024: 3 Gyms to Try Near The Whit

Looking for a place where you can stay fit in 2024? Look no further. There are three gyms to try near (and in) The Whit at Wooster Square.

Fitness at The Whit

Fitness center with movement/yoga studio and top-of-the-line equipment

Want to break a sweat without having to leave home? Step outside your door and into The Whit’s fitness center, featuring the same quality of equipment you will find in any of the gyms below with the added benefit of convenience and privacy. 

The Lab

Address: 522 State St, New Haven, CT

The Lab, located near The Whit at Wooster Square in New Haven, CT, is more than just a gym. Voted the best gym in New Haven in 2023, it aims to build a community of people striving to be the best versions of themselves. The Lab focuses on overall health and fitness, offering a variety of classes, personal training, and nutritional guidance. 

They provide a supportive environment for members to work on all aspects of their health, with an emphasis on positivity and preparedness for life’s challenges. Membership costs $175 per month. Learn more about The Lab in New Haven.

District Athletic Club

Address: 470 James St #004, New Haven, CT

A gym that’s greatest feature might be its sense of community, District Athletic Club is a gym that offers all of the equipment you’ll need to keep fit. However, what’s really great about DAC is the community. Featuring in-house events as well as groups you can join to run local running events, there’s also yoga and spin classes, as well as crossfit. Learn more about the District Athletic Club.

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