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August 16, 2023

Vallor Wines, Small Batch Cellars and More Wineries to Explore Near New Haven, CT

Looking for vineyards, cellars and wine tastings near New Haven? Here are three of our favorites.

Valor Wines

Address: 118 Quinnipiac Ave North Haven, CT

Just a short drive from New Haven, Valor Wines impresses with its commitment to crafting refined vintages. Reflecting the unique terroir of the region, their wines combine heritage with innovation. A visit promises not just tastings, but an immersion into their wine-making philosophy. Learn more about Valor Wines.

Small Batch Cellars

Address: 37 Nettleton Ave North Haven, CT

Embracing the essence of artisanal winemaking, Small Batch Cellars stands out for its meticulous, limited-run productions. Visitors can savor wines that capture the nuance of each harvest, making every tasting session a new exploration of flavors and aromas. Learn more about Small Batch Cellars.

Stappa Vineyard

Address: 403 Derby Ave Orange, CT

Stappa Vineyard offers a wine enthusiast’s dream escape and it’s worth the trip. With a focus on sustainable cultivation, they produce wines that are both rich in taste and character. Their tastings are a journey through the vineyard’s diverse portfolio, set against a backdrop of scenic beauty. Learn more about Stappa Vineyards.

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